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3 Reasons why Window Graphics are showing up everywhere.

Whenever I go shopping with my family, I can’t help but notice all the captivating window graphic installations. Indoor Malls, Outdoor malls, Strip Malls, Outlet malls, and Downtown shopping areas are just teeming with all of these visuals. Since, large format digital print has been a passion of mine for the last 14 yrs, I often break off from the pack and start doing some inspecting. I am advised to keep moving with a, “dad come-on!” several times every shopping expedition. I sometimes wonder what people think when they observe me leaning uneasily close to a random window graphic scrutinizing with a jewelers gaze.


Moving on, though… why are window graphics becoming so pervasive?

After many such installations and discussion with clients I have discovered that there are several compelling reasons.

1. Bang for advertising dollar – Businesses KNOW that advertising works. The advertising options available are limited only by the company’s imagination andbudget. Sometimes the difference between and success and struggling is how these budgets are mobilized. Let’s face it, advertising is a costly endeavor. P1000328-300x225 Just look at google’s advertising revenues and you can see that marketers spend huge money on various mediums. Relatively, Window Graphics are very low cost for impact they have. The original investment is the only investment. The ad will keep getting views until it is taken down or better yet changed out for a new promo or “look”.

2. Options – So many options are available when you are thinking about your window graphic project. Opaque vinyl, translucent, clear, specialty , perforated, permanent, removable, print and cut, full coverage, printed, cut only, partial coverage, inside application, outside application, laminated, the options are only limited by imagination. We have produced dozens of these projects over the years. I am always surprised and intrigued by some of ideas people come up with.


Another consideration is longevity. How long is it going to be up? I have some installations that have been in the “wild” for upwards of 4 to 5 years. It is up to the marketer how often an installation is going to be changed. Advertisers can come up with their own schedule which is flexible to their needs.

3. Impact – Many storefronts have massive banks of windows sometimes a couple stories in the air. You install a 40 foot by 20 foot set of window graphics and that will be seen from a Looong way away. I have also seen many companies campaigning graphics at a set interval. With the removable films these days, this becomes a relatively easy operation. Great way to promote a special or brand the store to a season or event.


As far as the effectiveness of Point of Purchase advertising… I don’t know about you but my family is big on the impulse buy, especially when we are in “shopping mode”.