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HP PVC Free Wallpaper Web Special

For the next 90 days, we are offering and unbelievable price on HP PVC Free Wallpaper printed with HP Latex Inks. When you call us, mention that you saw this AD and take advantage of $3.99 per square foot special pricing!
Now both professional and DIY interior designers can do incredibly unique home projects for an incredible price.
You can reach Paul or Stan at 1.604.882.9950 with any questions or to place an order.
More information on the material can be found here:
and here:
EDIT: Wondering where to get artwork for your wallpaper or mural project? The best option is to use self generated artwork, either vector images made in Adobe illustrator or photos shot from a high res camera. Royalty Free and stock imagery is also a great option. Sites like Shutterstock or istock photo offer an incredible range of images at an affordable price. If you feel like paying some money for something special, the sports and Entertainment images on Getty Images are impressive.
When selecting images, it is important to pay close attention to the terms of use. Also, If you are getting a free image somewhere always get permission from the originator of the image.

HP PVC-Free Wallpaper is a snap to install

We have produced and installed a couple of projects on HP PVC-Free Wallpaper and have been surprised by how easy it is to install. The material is prepasted just like traditional wallpaper you would find at your local hardware store.

It is applied with water on painted drywall and is a very forgiving material to install compared to some of the other options. After you wet the material and apply it to the wall, it will have a little play for lining up and taking out kinks. After the material dries, it heals and tightens to the wall dissipating any small bubbles that may have shown up in your application.

In the past, custom wall applications have typically required a seasoned installer… no more… “Do it yourselfers” have at it.

HP Wallpaper install document


Tower Graphics is proud to support the UnWrapped event again at Coquitlam Centre Mall.     Last year $68,000  was raised for local charity.

Enjoy an evening of quiet shopping filled with special discounts and events with a chance at some fantastic prizes.

It is happening Nov 22,  details can be found here.

3 Reasons why Window Graphics are showing up everywhere.

Whenever I go shopping with my family, I can’t help but notice all the captivating window graphic installations. Indoor Malls, Outdoor malls, Strip Malls, Outlet malls, and Downtown shopping areas are just teeming with all of these visuals. Since, large format digital print has been a passion of mine for the last 14 yrs, I often break off from the pack and start doing some inspecting. I am advised to keep moving with a, “dad come-on!” several times every shopping expedition. I sometimes wonder what people think when they observe me leaning uneasily close to a random window graphic scrutinizing with a jewelers gaze.


Moving on, though… why are window graphics becoming so pervasive?

After many such installations and discussion with clients I have discovered that there are several compelling reasons.

1. Bang for advertising dollar – Businesses KNOW that advertising works. The advertising options available are limited only by the company’s imagination andbudget. Sometimes the difference between and success and struggling is how these budgets are mobilized. Let’s face it, advertising is a costly endeavor. P1000328-300x225 Just look at google’s advertising revenues and you can see that marketers spend huge money on various mediums. Relatively, Window Graphics are very low cost for impact they have. The original investment is the only investment. The ad will keep getting views until it is taken down or better yet changed out for a new promo or “look”.

2. Options – So many options are available when you are thinking about your window graphic project. Opaque vinyl, translucent, clear, specialty , perforated, permanent, removable, print and cut, full coverage, printed, cut only, partial coverage, inside application, outside application, laminated, the options are only limited by imagination. We have produced dozens of these projects over the years. I am always surprised and intrigued by some of ideas people come up with.


Another consideration is longevity. How long is it going to be up? I have some installations that have been in the “wild” for upwards of 4 to 5 years. It is up to the marketer how often an installation is going to be changed. Advertisers can come up with their own schedule which is flexible to their needs.

3. Impact – Many storefronts have massive banks of windows sometimes a couple stories in the air. You install a 40 foot by 20 foot set of window graphics and that will be seen from a Looong way away. I have also seen many companies campaigning graphics at a set interval. With the removable films these days, this becomes a relatively easy operation. Great way to promote a special or brand the store to a season or event.


As far as the effectiveness of Point of Purchase advertising… I don’t know about you but my family is big on the impulse buy, especially when we are in “shopping mode”.

Another Successful Jake Milford Tournament

For the past several years Tower Graphics has been involved in helping with The Jake Milford Invitational Golf Tournament.   It is a event put on by the Vancouver Canucks to support Canucks for Kids fund.   We provide several banners that are placed throughout the tournament Venue.  We would like to thank the Jake Milford tournament organizers for putting on such a great event that helps so many.

The best part is that we get to participate in the event, which is always a highlight of our year.   Check out some photos!


Concrete Vinyl!

Marketers are always trying to find novel ways to communicate with their customers.

We recently did a project on 3M concrete vinyl. The image quality was outstanding when printed on our HP Latex Printer. Final installation look great and produced an interesting effect as material healed or conformed extremely well to the concrete.
We will see this used more and more in parking garages, on sidewalks, asphalt surfaces, and all sorts of places.


HP PVC-Free Wallpaper

This product from HP has many unique qualities that lends itself to all sorts of custom wall mural and custom wallpaper applications.  Easy to install, environmentally friendly,  and images with amazing quality.  Could be the “killer app” for residential wallpaper applications.

10 Years old!

LOGO Tower

Officially, this year we are 10 years old.
We have had the pleasure of working with some great clients on some exciting projects over the years.
Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.
Thanks Everyone!

Client Feedback

A recent email I received after I sent a followup email.   It made me very happy.

My Followup…

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for engaging us to do the Stanley Cup work…

As huge hockey fans, we really enjoyed working with you.


Paul Kranabetter


His Response …

“Correction…..You made our lives much easier with your fast turn-around and positive attitudes. I wish more companies worked like your company.”

Talk to you soon 

Nicholas Gennarelli
Senior Manager, Events
National Hockey League
1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036