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Summer Wallpaper Special $3.99

Get those summer renovations going!

Until the end of August, we are offering an unbelievable price on HP PVC Free Wallpaper printed with HP Latex Inks.   When you call us,  mention that you saw this Post and take advantage of $3.99 per square foot special pricing!

Now both professional and DIY  interior designers can do incredibly unique home projects for an incredible price.


Custom wallpaper!

You can reach Paul or Stan at 1.604.882.9950 with any questions or to place an order.

Some more information and a video on the product can be found  here

Installation is a snap! Check out the installation instructions here

Wondering where to get artwork for your wallpaper or mural project?   The best option is to use self generated artwork, either vector images made in Adobe illustrator or photos shot from a high res camera.  Royalty Free and stock imagery is also a great option.   Sites like Shutterstock or istock photo offer an incredible range of  images at an affordable price.  If you feel like paying some money for something special, the sports and Entertainment images onGetty Images are impressive.

When selecting images, it is important to pay close attention to the terms of use. Also, If you are getting a free image somewhere always get permission from the originator of the image.

Also, you can email us at sales@towergraphics.ca to place an order.